Welcome to Control Alt Delete

We are a team of skilled developers with a strong emphasis on backend development, specializing in e-commerce solutions. Our agency boasts over a collective experience, with a focus on programming for various e-commerce platforms.

Our expertise primarily lies in Magento development. At Control Alt Delete, we have developed customized Magento extensions and built complete Magento stores, catering to all essential business requirements.

Alongside our Magento expertise, we have a strong track record of contributing to open-source software for businesses. Our team has developed and enhanced Magento extensions for notable clients like PostNL (Shipping extension), Rvvup, Stripe, Mollie, and Buckaroo (Payment Providers).

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, well-tested code. We believe in creating solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Join us in redefining e-commerce development.

Hyvä Checkout specialists

We are proud to be a Hyvä Supplier. Hyvä offers a new front-end for Magento 2, leveraging the latest technologies to create a lightweight, fast, and modern interface that is both user-friendly and easily extendable.

The Hyvä checkout is a complete overhaul of the Magento 2 checkout, built on the Magewire framework, which significantly simplifies development.

Control Alt Delete has been working with this new checkout extensively. We have built multiple extensions for this checkout, and we also have contributed to the checkout itself.At Control Alt Delete, we have extensively worked with this new checkout, developing multiple extensions and contributing directly to its improvement.

We have built the Rvvup, PayOne, Stripe, and Mollie extensions for the Hyvä checkout. In this process we worked closely with the Hyvä team to make sure the extensions are of the highest quality.